The Meaning of Bullying

What is Bullying:

Bullying is the practice of violent acts, deliberate and repeated acts against a helpless person, which can cause physical and psychological harm to the victims. The term derives from English bullying, a word meaning, when translated into English, bullying, bullying or bullying.

In India, bullying is translated as shaking, touching, hitting, hitting, punching, abetting, ridiculing, insulting, insulting surnames, etc. Violence is practiced by one or more individuals for the purpose of intimidating, humiliating or physically assaulting the victim.

Bullying is usually committed against someone who cannot defend or understand the reasons leading to such aggression. Typically, afflicted individuals become fearful either because of their apparent physical superiority or because of the influence they have on the social environment in which they are involved.

Bullying can be practiced in any environment, such as outdoors, at school, at church, in clubs, at work, etc. It is often practiced inside the victim's own home, ie by members of his or her own family.

For the justice of India, punishment is seen as a penal code, such as injury, defamation and bodily injury. There is still no law that punishes aggressors with reasonable merit.

The Meaning of Bullying
What is Bullying

School Bullying

One of the most common forms of bullying is what happens in a school environment. In almost every country in the world, school bullying is a chronic problem.

The forms of aggression among students are the most diverse and can occur at almost all levels of the school phase, for example, from elementary to the final years of high school.

Bullying disrupts psychological learning, and according to psychologists, affects their behavior outside of school.

Parents and teachers should be attentive to the behavior of their children and students, particularly behavior changes, injury to the body and other circumstances that seem out of the ordinary.

Effects of Bullying

People affected by bullying have certain symptoms, such as:

  • Sleep disorder
  • stomach problems
  • eating disorders
  • Irritability
  • depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • head ache
  • Loss of appetite

Destructive thoughts, such as the desire to die among others.
In many cases, victims resort to psychological treatments, such as treatments to soften the scars left by aggression.

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